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ACE Renamer help

Videos modeVideos mode

This mode is designed to rename home videos.

The usual sequence of actions to rename a group of videos is as follows:

  • Load the videos

    : through the ‘Load files’ menu, the ‘Load files’ button or directly by dragging the files from a Windows explorer, the files will be loaded. The names of the files (without the extension) will be shown in the first column of the table. As in the Movies mode, there are no fields to identify. However, two new columns appear in the table:

    Date: this will be the video’s default name. Date and time apper with the format YYYY MM DD – HH:MM:SS so when sorting the videos alphabetically they will also be chronologically sorted. This happens by default with the names that video recorders and mobiles give to the files, but is useless when having in the same folder videos coming from different machines, each with its own name format. Even more, although it might be logical to think that everything would be solved just by sorting the videos by creation date in a Windows explorer, the truth is that it won’t work. Video’s creation date – the one the user is interested in – sometimes is stored in the ‘Creation date’ field and sometimes in the ‘Modified date’, depending on the recording machine and it’s OS version. Nevertheless, ACE Renamer selects the oldest of these two dates (undoubtfully the recording date of the video) and sets it as the file’s name, allowing the user to sort videos by recording date easily and without mistakes.

    Name (optional): this field is used for giving the video a title. It is not neccesary to give a title to all videos, not even one of them. This field is useful to remind the content of some concrete videos.

  • Rename

    • Rename videos: through the Rename tool you can optionally set an album’s name for the group of videos (example: if all videos belong to the same birthday party) and set a name for the folder containing the videos (normally the same as the album’s name).

    • Rename folder: if the ‘Rename folder’ option is checked in the Rename tool, the folder containing the episodes will be renamed with the value of the ‘Folder’ field in the Rename tool.

The final name format for a group of videos, including album name and folder renamings is as follow:

Home videos album format:

folderName\albumName – YYYY MM DD – HH:MM:SS – optionalName.avi