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ACE Renamer help

TV Series modeTV Series mode

This mode is designed to rename an entire season of a television series, as well as documentary series or any other kind of program containing episodes. The program assumes that there is a folder containing all the seasons, whose name will be the series name, and that it contains subfolders called ‘Season 01′, ‘Season 02′, etc.. containing the episodes of each season and, optionally, the cover of the season.

The usual sequence of actions to rename a season is as follows:

  • Load the episodes

    : through the ‘Load files’ menu, the ‘Load files’ button or directly by dragging the files from a Windows explorer, the files will be loaded. The names of the files (without the extension) will be shown in the first column of the table. The following columns will show the fields the program was able to identify automatically.

  • Check fields

    : the episodes from a tv series have the following fields: series name, season number, episode number, and episode title. If Renamer identifies the correct fields automatically, the only ones that will be shown are the episode number and the episode title, because they have different values for each episode. The rest of fields, although may have not been correctly identified, they don’t need to be corrected because they will be more easily defined with the Rename tool, in the last step of the sequence of actions.
    In case the episode numbers or the episode titles where not correctly identified, you shall use the Associate Fields tool to correct this. To rename a season is neccesary that the program knows the episode numbers and the episode titles.

  • Modify fields

    : at this point the user might use the Replacements tool, the Upper and Lower Case tool and the Garbage Treatment tool to modify the episode’s numbers and the episode’s titles. Modifications will affect selected cells in the table. Cells can also be manually edited, except the first column.

  • Rename

    • Rename episodes

      : once the episode’s numbers and the episode’s titles are ok, you must use the Rename tool. Then, if the series’ name or the season’s number where not correctly identified, they should be corrected now. You can also optionally indicate a different name for the season’s folder. When all data is correct, press the Rename button to iniciate the renaming process.

    • Rename cover

      : if during the renaming process Renamer finds an image file in the season’s folder, it will ask the user if it should be renamed as the season’s cover, with the following format:

      File name format for a season’s cover:

      seriesName – ‘season’ seasonNo.ext


      Battlestar Galactica – season 03.jpg

      If it finds several images, it will ask the user to chose which one is the season’s cover:

      Clicking and dragging the space between the image list and the selected image preview both elements will be resized. Columns in the image table can also be resized by dragging at the right edge of the column.

    • Rename folders

      : if the ‘Rename folder’ option was checked in the Rename tool, the folder containing the episodes will be renamed with the value of the ‘Folder’ field in the Rename tool. And the folder that contains that one will be renamed with the value of the field ‘Series’ in the Rename tool.

The final format of a season, including cover and folders renaming, is as follows:

Example of a renamed season:

seriesName\Season 01\seriesName 01×01 episodeTitle.avi
seriesName\Season 01\seriesName 01×02 episodeTitle.avi
nombreSerie\Temporada 01\nombreSerie 01x03 títuloEpisodio.avi
seriesName\Season 01\seriesName 01×03 episodeTitle.avi