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ACE Renamer help

The main interface

The main menu and the buttons’ bar

  • File menu

    • Files mode

      Load files

      : this menu (or the ‘Load files’ button in the button bar) opens a dialog to select the files you want to rename. You can also drag files directly from the file browser. Files are loaded to the table and Renamer will suggest the best working mode for them depending on their extension and their file names.

    • Clean table

      Clean table

      : through this menu – or the ‘Clean table’ button of the button bar – all loaded files will be removed from the table leaving the program as if it had just started.

    • Select mode

      : this dropdown menu is the same as the one offered in the button bar. Both will remain disabled until files are loaded. Through their choices the user can manually select the working mode.

    • Play

      Play file

      : through this menu – or through the ‘Play file’ button in the buttons bar – the selected video will be loaded in the player. This only applies to modes that work with videos such as Series mode, Movies mode and Videos mode. The menu will be unabled and the button invisible while there are no selected videos in the table. When loaded in the player, it will start playing automatically. The user can control the player options (pause, stop, volume, full screen, etc.) through the player’s toolbar.

    • Close

      Close Renamer

      : exits the program

  • Tools menu

    : Each of the options in this menu corresponds to one button named the same in the buttons bar. Through these options you can activate and deactivate the tools to modify the names of the files. If a tool is not available in a certain working mode (for example: the Associate Fields tool is not available while working in Images mode) the menu option will be unabled and its corresponding button will be hidden.

  • Options menu

    • Language

      : through this menu users can modify the interface language. If your language is not available you can help me including it in the next version.

    • Preview results

      : if this option is checked (default option) befores renaming user can see a preview of the final names for the files.

  • Help menu

    • Help

      ACE Renamer help

      : opens Renamer’s help files.

    • About

      About ACE Renamer

      : show a windows with information about Renamer such as version and copyright.

The files table

The table with the loaded files and their fields is located under the buttons’ bar. It can be sorted by any column just by clicking in its header.

In the video working modes (TV Series, Movies and Videos) a video player is shown beside the table. You can watch the selected video by clicking the ‘Play file’ menu or button.

In the Pictures mode, beside the table there will be a picture viewer where to see the selected picture. By double clicking in the viewer, the image will be opened with its default application.

Both the video player and the image viewer can be resized by dragging the space between them and the table.