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ACE Renamer help

Install, update and uninstall


To install ACE Renamer just download , run the installation file ‘ACE Renamer setup.exe’ and follow the onscreen instructions. If your system needs to install some component (like a new version of NET Framework or Windows Installer) you will have the chance to automatically install it.

When it runs for the first time, Renamer will ask the user to choose one available language. If the desired language is not available, you can help me to include it.


ACE Renamer always maintains itself updated. Each time it starts it searches for a new update (there needs to be an openned internet connection) and if it is available it suggests downloading it. If you don’t agree, it will offer the option next time. If the update is accepted, in just a moment the new version will be installed and the program will start normally.


To uninstall ACE Renamer you can use the 'Uninstall ACE Rename' shortcut that was created in the program's folder at the Windows' Start menu or you can go to ‘Control Panel / Uninstall a program’, select ACE Renamer and press ‘Uninstall or change’. Select ‘Remove the application from this computer’ and click ‘OK’.