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ACE Renamer help

Files modeFiles mode

This mode is designed to rename any kind of file. This is the only working mode where it is allowed to load files with different extensions.

The usual sequence of actions to rename a group of files is as follows:

  • Load the files

    : through the ‘Load files’ menu, the ‘Load files’ button or directly by dragging the files from a Windows explorer, the files will be loaded. The names of the files (without the extension) will be shown in the first column of the table. In this mode there are no fields to identify because there is just one field which is the file’s name.

  • Modify names

    : you can use Replacements tool, the Upper and Lower Case tool and the Garbage Treatment tool to modify the names. Extensions are not editable. Modifications will affect selected cells in the table.

  • Rename

    : once the episode’s numbers and the episode’s titles are ok, you must use the Rename tool. As in this mode there is just one field, Rename tool will not show any interface and will just start the renaming process.