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Associate Fields toolAssociate Fields tool

This tool is only available under the TV Series and Music modes, which are those whose filenames contain fields. When any of these modes is activated ACE Renamer makes an automatic identification of the fields of the first loaded file and checks if these fields exist in the rest of files. If this identification is not correct, the first thing the user must do after loading the files is to make the neccesary corrections using this tool.

Associate Fields shows a table with three columns:

  • Data type

    : shows wether the field contains numbers or text. User cannot interactuate with this column.

  • Field

    : the name of the field. The values suggested here depend on the working mode. In this column the user should make the neccesary corrections identifying the fields.

  • Example

    : shows the values of the fields in the first file of the table. User cannot interactuate with this column.